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28th November 2022

About the vape device

It is necessary to have some prior knowledge of the vape body, or device, that heats the liquid. In this paragraph, we will explain the types of vape devices and how to choose one.

1. Types

There are three main types of vape( bodies: liquid-filled, cartridge, and pod. Let's take a look at the characteristics of each.

1.1. liquid-filled type

The liquid-filled type is a type of VAPE in which you fill the tank inside the atomizer with liquid while using it. Most atomizers are box-shaped or pen-shaped. Box-shaped atomizers are larger in size, but are characterized by their high functionality. The pen type, on the other hand, has a compact body, but its battery capacity is inferior to that of the box type. Liquid-filled atomizers can be divided into two types: top-fill and bottom-fill, depending on whether the liquid is injected from the top or the bottom of the atomizer. The bottom-fill method requires the atomizer to be removed each time it is filled, which is more time-consuming than the top-fill method. Therefore, if you are a vape novice or someone who does not want to spend time and effort on maintenance, it is better to choose a product with a top-fill system, which is as easy as possible.

1.2. cartridge type

Cartridge vape is a type of vape in which a cartridge pre-filled with liquid is installed. When the cartridge runs out of liquid, the entire cartridge is replaced with a new one. The advantages of the cartridge type include the fact that the part that attaches to the mouth can be replaced as it is used, which keeps the vape clean, and the fact that the battery can be used repeatedly, which makes it economical. On the other hand, it is necessary to be aware of disadvantages such as the small variety of liquids used in the cartridges.

1.3. pod type

The pod-type vape, which is becoming mainstream overseas, is a type of cartridge vape. In a pod-type vape, the atomizer, coils, and liquid are integrated into a cartridge called a "pod," which is replaced as it is used. Many products use an auto-switch system that automatically turns on when the vape is sucked into the mouth. One of the strengths of the pod type is that even beginners can easily handle it.

Incidentally, there are other types of vape besides these three, which are called disposable types. Disposable vape is a type of vape in which the entire body is replaced when the liquid is used up, and it has the advantage of not requiring any maintenance work such as coil replacement or atomizer cleaning. However, the running cost will be higher than other types because the vape body must be replaced each time.

2. Points to consider when selecting a VAPE machine

Let's take a closer look at the points you should pay attention to in order to choose the right vape machine for you.

2-1. Ease of operation

Basically, when using a vape, you will manually turn on the power and then inhale the vapor generated. However, some vapes on the market made by different vape manufacturers( are equipped with an auto-switch function, which makes it easy for even beginners to use. One point to note is that most units with an auto-switch function have a small output and a limited number of models to choose from. Therefore, it is not a good idea to choose a product based on whether or not it has an auto-switch function if you want to use a vape with a particular taste or customize it to your own preference.

2-2. Liquid leakage resistance

Since vape liquid is mainly composed of oily liquid, it is not easy to clean off in case it leaks and contaminates surrounding objects. When purchasing a vape body, choose one that is designed to prevent leakage of liquid and is easy to carry. Another effective way to prevent liquid leakage is to carry the vape in a special case. Using a dedicated case also offers the advantage of being able to store all the necessary tools for using the vape in one place.

2-3. It is easy to get the flavor you prefer

The flavor of vapor emitted from a vape varies depending on the model of vape device used. Some products have modes that allow you to set your own heating voltage and temperature, so if you are particular about the taste of vapor, choose a product with the highest possible functionality. The vapor taste is also greatly affected by the atomizer you choose, so it is important to choose a body that can be fitted with the atomizer of your choice.

2-4. Easy to charge

This is irrelevant for cartridge or disposable vapes, but for liquid-filled vapes, choosing a product that is easy to fill with liquid will make daily maintenance easier. As mentioned earlier, there are two types of liquid-filled vapes: top-fill and bottom-fill vapes, and top-fill vapes are easier to fill. The top-fill type is easier to fill and the bottom-fill type is easier to recharge. If you choose a VAPE with a small fill port, you will have to use a thin tube like a needle to inject, which will take extra time and effort.